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Joe 90

Weeknights at 5am | 4c

The adventures of nine-year-old Joe McClaine, who can have the expert skills, knowledge, and experiences of top experts downloaded into his brain by his scientist father, enabling him to become a secret agent code-named "Joe 90".

Next Airings

Jul 23rd 5:00am ET


After the crash of an aircraft, Joe flies a second prototype of it to determine the cause of the crash using brain patterns of a top test pilot.

Jul 24th 5:00am ET


A couple of escaped convicts threaten the life of the Candian Prime Minister by shelling a rail bridge as the Minister's train is crossing.

Jul 25th 5:00am ET

Child of the Sun God

Four of the world's leading statesmen have been paralyzed by a poison developed by a South African tribe assumed to have been wiped out years ago.

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