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Marine Boy

Weeknights at 1:30am | 12c, Sunday at 4am | 3c

Marine Boy can breathe underwater using oxygum. With jet boots and help from his dolphin friend, he explores the ocean's depths, having adventures.

Next Airings

Jul 23rd 1:30am ET

The Dangerous Starfish

After arriving at the crash site of an unidentified aircraft, P-1 witnesses an explosion and find themselves surrounded by huge, electronically controlled, poisonous starfish which are pawns of Stellardin.

Jul 24th 1:30am ET

The Astounding Shellfish

Bullton and Piper find a missing fishing boat with no one aboard. Marine Boy and Splasher set out to solve the mystery of the crew's whereabouts.

Jul 25th 1:30am ET

The Mysterious Paradise

During an expedition organized by Ocean patrol, Dr. Mariner and his crew find a spear which is modelled after one known to be two thousand years old, but this spear is newly made.

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