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Speed Racer

Weeknights at 1am | 12c, Sunday at 3am | 2c

Young driver, Speed Racer, aspires to be champion of the racing world with the help of his family and his high-tech Mach 5 automobile.

Next Airings

Jul 23rd 1:00am ET

Fastest Car on Earth, The (Part 1)

Chim Chim is kidnaped by a mysterious group. He is held captive at a mansion, forced onto a go-cart and given a strange drug. Astonishingly, Chim Chim begins driving the go-cart at high speed. Meanwhile at a racing circuit, an unbelievably fast car appears in front of Speed.

Jul 24th 1:00am ET

Fastest Car on Earth, The (Part 2)

The mysterious super-speed vehicle turns out to be equipped with the famous "GRX," a demonic engine that attracts racers and drives them to their death. Speed becomes fascinated by its power and takes the car, but its high-speed eventually makes him lose his consciousness.

Jul 25th 1:00am ET

Mach 5 vs. Mach 5 (Part 1)

An important document is stolen from the National Science Research Center. Speed becomes a suspect as the culprit was seen driving away in the Mach 5. Moreover, Dr. Nitecol and his daughter Lorena, whom Speed was supposedly visiting during the time of the theft, say they do not know him.

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