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The Mask

Weeknights at 2am | 1c, Saturday at 3pm | 2c & 1am | 12c

A man finds a mystical mask that allows the wearer to make all sorts of unusual things happen.

Next Airings

Jul 23rd 2:00am ET

What Goes Around Comes Around

A villain traps Stanley in a time loop and he is doomed to relive the same half hour over and over again.

Jul 24th 2:00am ET

All Hail the Mask

When the Mask takes a trip to a Pacific island, the natives worship him as a god. They then decide to sacrifice him.

Jul 25th 2:00am ET

Power of Suggestion

A magician hypnotizes Stanley for entertainment. When a villain interrupts the show, he takes advantage and uses Stanley as his personal slave.

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