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Totally Tooned In

Sunday at 12am | 11c

A 1999 anthology series showcasing a collection of Columbia/UPA cartoons including Mr. Magoo, The Fox and The Crow, Gerald McBoing-Boing and many others.

Next Airings

Jul 29th 12:00am ET

Room And Bored/Mother Hubba Hubba Hubbard/Meet Mother Magoo

Fox rents room to loud obnoxious Crow./Solving the mystery of who stole the bone from Mother Hubbard's dog./Magoo surprises his mother with a visit on a day he thinks is her birthday.

Jul 29th 12:30am ET

Red Riding Hood Rides Again/Hotsy Footsy/Crop Chasers

A wacky, modern spin on the story of Red Riding Hood./At his college reunion, Magoo mistakes the wrestling ring for the dance floor./Two Scarecrows have a difficult time with a gang of tough crows.

Jul 29th 1:00am ET

Midnight Frolics/Magoo's Masquerade/Skeleton Frolic

Ghosts in a haunted house make musical mischief./Magoo goes to a masquerade ball dressed as a devil (he thinks he's Santa Claus), where his date (an ostrich) is mistaken for a jewel thief./Graveyard skeleton's come to life and play spooky music.

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