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Bugs Bunny

MeTV Toons invites you to Bugs Bunny's Birthday Bash!
We're celebrating the wascally wabbit's 84th birthday with a day full of hopping good Bugs Bunny cartoons - and a brand-new... MORE
MeTV Toons presents ''Hare's to Bugs! A Bugs Bunny Celebration", an all-new original special
The brand-new one-hour special looks back at the bunny's roots and how he hopped into the spotlight around the world, featuring... MORE
Bugs Bunny fans taught Mel Blanc how to appreciate children
When you're in charge of being the voice to over 1,000 cartoon characters, one being Bugs Bunny, kids are going to know you.
Mel Blanc revealed the secrets of making a great cartoon
Blanc breaks down the production process.
Mel Blanc kept joke note cards in his wallet
A barrel full of laughs and a wallet full of jokes.
Can you identify these Looney Tunes characters in disguise?
Who wore these animal costumes, Halloween masks and suits of armor?
Are these real Bugs Bunny cartoons or nah?
Are these cartoon titles the genuine article, or hogwash?
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