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The Flintstones

The Flintstones spoof of Bonanza was the first time they didn't use a laugh track
It was more serious than you may think when the most popular show in the west was called upon to save The Flintstones.
Jean Vander Pyl said that the great part of The Flintstones was that it ''wasn't too cartoony''
How The Flintstones managed to keep things honest, despite being a cartoon.
The Flintstones was a Jurassic-sized risk
The show was a massive risk for Hanna-Barbera productions.
Did you ever sing the lullaby in this famous Flintstones episode to your little lambs?
Ann-Margret singing Pebbles to sleep as Ann-Margrock can work for you, too.
Alan Reed took some time to warm up to Mel Blanc
Reed and Blanc weren't "Barney and Fred" close...at first.
Do you know who sings these Flintstones songs?
These tunes can get stuck in your head for ages – and it's about to pay off!
Are these real Flintstones spin-off series, or did we make them up?
Can you pick the false Flintstones from the real shows about the Stone Age family?
Which Fred Flintstone mood are you in?
Yabba-Dabba Do this quiz is for you!
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