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Did Don Messick voice this cartoon dog?

This quiz has gone to the dogs!

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It's a known fact that a cartoon dog is a cartoon man's best friend. It's also a known fact that if you're a cartoon dog, there's a high chance that you've been voiced by famed voice actor, Don Messick. We'll be giving you the name of a cartoon dog, and it's your job to remember if Don Messick has ever had the opportunity to voice that dog during his career.

  1. Droopy the basset hound
  2. Snoopy
  3. Toto, Dorothy's dog in Journey Back To Oz
  4. Astro from The Jetsons
  5. Disney's Pluto
  6. Disney's Goofy
  7. Underdog from the series Underdog
  8. Scooby Doo
  9. Muttley
  10. K-9 in Looney Tunes

Did Don Messick voice this cartoon dog?

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