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The Tom and Jerry Show

Weekdays at 5pm | 4c, Sunday at 8am | 7c

Tom, Jerry, Droopy Dog and many other classic MGM theatrical cartoon stars.  The work of Tex Avery, Hanna Barbera and other top Hollywood animators are featured.

Next Airings

Jul 23rd 5:00pm ET

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse - 1947

Jerry drinks a potion that makes him grow to the size of a giant and decides to go after Tom this time. Academy Award nominee for 1948 Best Short Subject.

Bats In the Belfry - 1942

A trio of musically inclined bats eagerly show why they are associated with being crazy.

Droopy Leprechaun - 1958

Droopy gets mistaken for a leprechaun while visiting Ireland.

Trap Happy - 1946

Tom hires an exterminator, another cat, to get rid of Jerry.

Lonesome Lenny - 1946

Screwy Squirrel befriends a dog named Lenny who was looking for a friend.

Duck Doctor - 1952

Hunting in the woods, Tom wounds a duckling, little Quacker, who is doctored by Jerry.

Jul 24th 5:00pm ET

The Invisible Mouse - 1947

Pup's Christmas - 1936

Three Little Pups - 1953

I'm Just Wild About Jerry - 1965

Home on the Range - 1940

Is There a Doctor in the Mouse? - 1964

Jul 25th 5:00pm ET

It's Greek to Meow! - 1961

Give and Tyke - 1957

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - 1939

Mouse For Sale - 1955

Ventriloquist Cat (aka Cat's Meow) - 1950

Matinee Mouse - 1966

Jul 26th 5:00pm ET

Professor Tom - 1948

Henpecked Hoboes - 1946

Dixieland Droopy - 1954

Smarty Cat - 1955

Hound and the Rabbit - 1937

Pup On a Picnic - 1955

Jul 28th 8:00am ET

Jerry and the Goldfish - 1951

Screwball Squirrel - 1944

Senor Droopy - 1949

Little Runaway - 1952

Little Tinker - 1948

Jerry and the Lion - 1950

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