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Cartoon All-Stars

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The biggest names in classic cartoons get the animation spotlight in these best-of collections featuring beloved cartoon favorites from the golden age of Hollywood animation include shorts from Warner Bros, MGM studios, Columbia, Fleischer and others.

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Jul 22nd 10:00pm ET

The Fair Haired Hare - 1951

A fight breaks out over property when Yosemite Sam builds his house over Bug Bunny's underground house. A judge rules that they must share it until one of them shall pass on. Thus begins Sam's attempts to out the rabbit.

Baby Puss - 1943

A little girl makes Tom her baby cat and Jerry with some alley cats taunt the unfortunate feline.

Pink And Blue Blues

Baby-sitter Magoo foils a thief trying to rob the house.

Lost And Foundling - 1944

An egg rolls into Sniffles house and when it hatches he adopts the bird thinking it is a chicken.

The Absent-Minded Robot - 1963

Casper meets Robbie, a misfit robot, who's been kicked out of the robot factory for being chronically absent-minded.

Chew-Chew Baby - 1945

Woody Woodpecker pretends to be a woman so he can stay at Wally Walrus' boarding house.

Jul 23rd 1:00pm ET

Super Rabbit - 1943

Solid Serenade - 1946

What -- No Spinach? - 1936

Bell Hoppy - 1954

Jumping with Toy - 1957

Woodpecker in the Rough - 1952

Jul 23rd 10:00pm ET

Bushy Hare - 1950

Baby Butch - 1954

Let’s Celebrake - 1938

The Blow-out - 1936

Pest Pupil - 1957

Freeway Fracas - 1963

Jul 24th 1:00pm ET

Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid - 1942

Two Mouseketeers - 1952

Wotta Nitemare - 1939

Chariots Of Fur - 1994

Good Scream Fun - 1958

Have Gun - Can't Travel - 1967

Jul 24th 10:00pm ET

Little Red Riding Rabbit - 1944

Switchin' Kitten - 1961

Playful Pelican - 1948

Blooper Bunny - 1997

A Visit from Mars - 1963

Coy Decoy - 1962

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