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Bugs Bunny and Friends

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The greatest animated characters and cartoons produced at Warner Bros. legendary Termite Terrace. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Road Runner and all their friends are featured here weekly.

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Jul 22nd 8:00pm ET

The Iceman Ducketh - 1964

At a trading post in the Klondike, Daffy Duck overhears that they are paying big bucks for furs. He heads north to trap Bugs Bunny and cash in.

Wild Over You - 1953

A female wildcat paints a white stripe on herself to scare a zookeeper and escape from the zoo at the Paris Exposition. Pepe LePew pursues his love, but any time he showers her with hugs and kisses the claws come out and she attacks.

A Cartoonist's Nightmare - 1935

A cartoonist falls asleep and gets pulled into the cartoon world where all the world's evil villains wait for him.

Zoom And Bored - 1957

The Coyote chases the Road Runner but takes a nervous leap anytime the bird sneaks up behind him and "beep-beeps."

Cats A-weigh - 1953

Sylvester and Junior become ship cats to hunt mice. Sylvester tells Junior to get the small ones and he'll get the bigger ones. Hippety Hopper gets loose and it looks like its up to Sylvester to catch the "big mouse".

Cool Cat - 1967

Cool Cat the hip talking cat spends his time in the jungle chilling. That is until a hunter shows up with a shotgun and a mechanical elephant.

Cock-a-doodle Duel - 2003

Foghorn Leghorn's dominance over the chicken coop is threatened by a younger rooster.

Hare Remover - 1946

Elmer Fudd, the mad scientist, tries to test out some new beast-transforming potions on Bugs and then on himself.

Cheese Chasers - 1951

Herbie and Bertie decide that there's nothing else to live for after they eat enough cheese to feed a mouse for 2000 years. They spend all their time trying to convince a suspicious cat to eat them.

The Wise Quacking Duck - 1943

Mr. Meek has the job of killing Daffy Duck for his wife to cook for dinner. However, Daffy will not go easily.

Porky's Cafe - 1942

Porky attempts to wait tables in his cafe while his friend, Conrad Cat, has problems cooking in the kitchen.

Daffy's Diner - 1967

Daffy tries to sell fake mouse burgers to El Supremo, the Mexican cat bandit. When El Supremo demands a real mouse, Daffy tries to catch Speedy.

Baby Buggy Bunny - 1954

The midget gangster, Baby Faced Finster dresses up as a baby to escape the police. To his dismay, he ends up in the hands of Bugs Bunny, who treats him as a baby.

Jul 23rd 8:00am ET

Hare Brush - 1955

No Barking - 1954

Daffy's Inn Trouble - 1961

Hippety Hopper - 1949

The Phantom Ship - 1936

Tortoise Wins By A Hare - 1943

Jul 23rd 8:00pm ET

What's Cookin' Doc? - 1944

The Yolks On You - 1980

Sheep Ahoy - 1954

Highway Runnery - 1965

Little Red Rodent Hood - 1952

Hobo Bobo - 1947

The Music Mice-tro - 1969

Bonanza Bunny - 1959

Merlin The Magic Mouse - 1967

Good Night Elmer - 1940

Putty Tat Trouble - 1951

Heaven Scent - 1956

Ali Baba Bunny - 1957

Jul 24th 8:00am ET

Knighty Knight Bugs - 1958

Boyhood Daze - 1957

Calling Dr. Porky - 1940

Claws In The Lease - 1963

I Only Have Eyes For You - 1937

Buccaneer Bunny - 1948

Jul 24th 8:00pm ET

Bill Of Hare - 1962

The Chewin Bruin - 1940

A Sheep In The Deep - 1962

The Whizzard Of Ow - 2003

The Up-standing Sitter - 1947

Little Red Walking Hood - 1937

Satan's Waitin' - 1954

Big Top Bunny - 1951

Rocket-Bye Baby - 1956

Mother Was A Rooster - 1962

The Stupid Cupid - 1965

Sniffles Bells the Cat - 1941

Person to Bunny - 1960

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