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The Woody Woodpecker Show

Weekdays at 4pm | 3c, Saturday at 5pm | 4c, Sunday at 10am | 9c

A collection of timeless cartoon shorts, that span from 1934 to 1972, featuring the mischievous Woody Woodpecker and his colorful cast of friends including Chilly Willy, The Beary Family, Inspector Willoughby, Andy Panda, and more.

Next Airings

Jul 22nd 4:00pm ET

Heap Big Hepcat - 1960

A young indigineous man must bring home meat for dinner in order to win the hand of the chief's daughter. He attempts to capture a bear, a rabbit, and Woody, who eventually allows himself to be captured. The chief's daughter saves Woody and runs off with

Man's Best Friend - 1941

An overtired hunting dog named Snoozer can't get a good night's rest.

Dizzy Kitty - 1941

Andy and his father try to groom an alley cat for a Cat Show.

Careless Caretaker - 1962

Smedley is a caretaker of the trees in a park, and gets angry when Woody starts pecking at the eldest tree. Woody tries to convince Smedley that he tree is sick.

Candyland - 1935

The Sandman takes a boy and his puppy to Candyland.

Slingshot Six-and-7/8ths - 1951

Tenderfoot Woody with a slingshot and indigienous tribesman Buzz with a bow and arrow face off in a target shooting contest for a $1,000 prize.

Jul 23rd 4:00pm ET

Bedtime Bedlam - 1955

Case of the Maltese Chicken, The **NEEDS TO BE REVIEWED** - 1964

Andy Panda's Pop - 1941

Peck of Trouble - 1968

Pigeon Patrol - 1942

Davey Cricket - 1965

Misguided Missile - 1958

Jul 24th 4:00pm ET

Scalp Treatment - 1952

Space Mouse - 1959

Charlie's Mother-in-Law - 1963

Log Jammed - 1959

Paw's Night Out - 1955

Hold That Rock - 1956

Niagara Fools - 1956

Jul 25th 4:00pm ET

Witch Crafty - 1955

Bee Bopped - 1959

The Legend of Rockabye Point - 1955

Rocket Racket - 1962

Case of the Cold Storage Yegg - 1963

Goose in the Rough - 1963

Convict Concerto - 1954

Jul 26th 4:00pm ET

Helter Shelter - 1955

Coming Out Party - 1963

Deep Freeze Squeeze - 1964

Crowin' Pains - 1962

Jerky Turkey - 1968

Meatless Tuesday - 1943

Termites From Mars - 1952

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