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ALF: The Animated Series

Saturday at 6am | 5c

ALF: The Animated Series is an animated spin-off television series of the original ALF series.

Next Airings

Jul 27th 6:00am ET

Captain Bobaroo

A bump on the head has Bob Shumway thinking he is a "Captain Kangaroo"-esque TV show host.

Jul 27th 6:30am ET

Need at the Races

When Neep runs past a motorcycle gang led by the nefarious Snake, Gordon realizes that Neep has what it takes to compete in dog races. Gordon convinces Snake and his cronies to invest the money for Neep to compete. Neep wins the race, but Gordon, Skip, Rick, and Neep must run away when Gordon crashes into the gang's motorcycles at the the end of the race.

Aug 3rd 6:00am ET

Salad Wars

The title of this episode is a parody of the epic film series Star Wars by George Lucas.

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