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In the year 2065, the Tracy family run International Rescue - a top-secret organization whose ongoing mission is to rescue people trapped in extraordinarily dangerous situations using their advanced Thunderbirds machines.

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Jul 23rd 3:00am ET

Move - And You're Dead

Alan returns to motor racing and attracts the attention of a rival team who want access to Brains' advanced designs. He along with Grandma are left to die on an abandoned bridge with a motion sensitive bomb. International Rescue must figure out how to both rescue Alan and Grandma and to stop the bomb from destroying the bridge

Jul 24th 3:00am ET

The Duchess Assignment

Lady Penelope discovers her friend, the Duchess of Roysten is in need of financial assistance. Penelope helps the Dutchess to loan out her prized portrait of a gazelle to a New York tycoon. However, the Duchess is kidnapped by crooks who want the painting and the money owed to her.

Jul 25th 3:00am ET

Brink of Disaster

Lady Penelope and Jeff Tracy get asked to become involved in a scam to finance a new monorail system. Brains checks the system over and has grave concerns about the safety backups. Brains' fears appear to be confirmed when a series of unfortunate circumstances lead to Jeff, Brains and the whole project being involved in a series of life-threatening situations that only International Rescue can resolve.

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